Post Secondary

The Zagimē Anishinabēk Post-Secondary Student Sponsorship Program is designed to encourage Zagimē Registered Members to pursue higher education and to graduate with the qualifications and skills needed to accomplish individual careers and/or contribute to Indian self-government and economic self-reliance. The Zagimē Anishinabēk Post-Secondary Support Program provides financial sponsorship to eligible Zagimē Registered Members towards the cost of their post-secondary education within the budget allocation approved by Zagimē Anishinabēk’s Government.


To be eligible under the Policy applicants:

• Must be a registered member of Zagimē Anishinabēk;
• Must meet university or college entrance requirements and are enrolled or accepted for enrolment in a recognized post-secondary institute for a program of studies.
• Individuals are required to submit their acceptance letter and/or class list to verify their student status.

The deadline dates for applications are as follows:

• October 31 FOR Winter Semester January – April
• February 28 FOR Spring/Summer & Intercession May – August
• June 30 FOR Fall semester September – December

Any student, who applies to an institute that has continuous intake, must adhere to the deadline dates to be eligible for sponsorship. No late applications will be considered.