Zagime Anishinabek Comprehensive Community Plan

Community Development strives to build capacity so that people themselves can improve their community by working together to build consensus on priorities, strengthen community assets and develop individual and community capacity.

What is Comprehensive Community Planning?

• Comprehensive Community Planning is a holistic process that includes planning for all aspects of the community.
• The goal of community planning is to create action and positive community change.
• It’s a process driven by community. All members of a community, including Elders, youth, and family representatives, can offer unique and valuable perspectives on community needs, values and priorities.

Zagime Anishinabek Comprehensive Community Plan

In 2012, the Yorkton Tribal Council (YTC) connected with Cities & Environment Unit (CEU) to co-create a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) with Zagime First Nations. The planning process was a chance for community members from Little Bone and Minoachak, Shesheep and Zagime, along with urban members, to work together, re-group and re-imagine the future of Zagime First Nations.
Workshops were held in Regina, Yorkton and in Zagime. Community members gave their time, energy and ideas to make this Plan a success. Discussions about community history, strengths, issues and possibilities laid the foundation for the Plan. Zagime First Nations collectively decided how to move forward and shape their community’s future by establishing a shared long-term Vision and a strategy for action. Dedicated to sovereignty, Zagime First Nations has chosen a path towards independence and self-reliance.

The creation of a Plan is not the end. It is the beginning. Rooted in the values and beliefs of community members, this Plan is both a tool and a guide for Zagime First Nations moving forward. It’s now time to hit the ground running, to take the ideas in this Plan and continue to build an empowered a sovereign Zagime First Nations.

We want to continue implementing the CCP

Implementation requires more planning to move the process from ideas to action. We need your input to keep this process going. The Zagime CCP is a living document. Over the next year we will be asking for your input. To answer the following types of questions:

• Updating Priority Areas – Does the Zagime Comprehensive Community Plan still reflect the needs of the community?
• Prioritize Actions (Policies, Programs, and Projects) – What is most important to you?
• Build community – How would you like to get involved?

Working together on implementation we want to:

• Learn from past experiences
• Celebrate community success
• Maximize community training, mentorship, capacity building and employment
• Identify potential partners to support the project
• Identify funding and other resources