Zagime Anishinabek Land Law

The Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management and the Zagime Anishinabek Land Law.

The Framework Agreement was developed by First Nations to regain control over their reserve lands, natural resources and environment for the use and benefit of their members. The Framework Agreement removes Canada’s control over reserve lands by replacing the 44 lands-related sections of the Indian Act with a First Nation’s own, community developed and approved land code (land law.) Once this land code is in place, the First Nation governs its reserve lands according to its cultural values and community priorities.

To establish this new land management process, we must:

  1. In consultation with our community, develop and vote on the Zagime Anishinabek Land Law
  2. Negotiate an Individual Agreement with Canada, which also needs approval by our community through a vote to take effect.

Both the land code and Individual Agreement must be approved by Zagime Anishinabek through a community ratification vote, as outlined in the Framework Agreement. The ratification vote includes participation by all eligible Zagime Anishinabek members aged 18 years or older.

The Land Law

A Land Law will be the basic land law of the First Nation and will replace the lands-related sections of the Indian Act. The contents of the land code are developed by the membership of the First Nation. The development of a land code is an exercise in community self-government.

The Individual Agreement

An Individual Agreement between each community and Canada will be finalized to deal with such matters as:

  • The reserve lands to be governed by the First Nation the specifics of the transfer of the administration of land from Canada to the First Nation, and
  • The transfer of capital and revenue monies, an interim environmental assessment process, and the funding to be provided by Canada to the First Nation for land code implementation.

What are some of the benefits of a Land Code

  1. First real recognition of our inherent right to manage our land and resources.
  2. Increased accountability to Zagime Anishinabek members.
  3. Authority to protect the environment.
  4. Treaty and Aboriginal rights are not affected.
  5. Zagime Anishinabek reserve lands continue to be protected by section 91(24) of the Constitution Act of 1867. Land cannot be sold or surrendered.

With a land code in place, Canada will no longer be involved in the management of Zagime Anishinabek land and resources

More information about the First Nations Land Management Act process can be found at:

You can access the Zagime Anishinabek Land Law here: